Classes at Mt. Pilchuck Elementary.

Available courses

Mrs. Petillon's Class


Swords Fifth Grade

Welcome to your fifth grade classroom! You are in for a fantastic, wonderful, amazing school year!
  • Teacher: LISA SWORDS

The Perfect Paragraph

Analyzing and applying the information needed to create full, complete sentences, paragraph form, content organization, zingy words and proper conventions in a one paragraph format. 
  • Teacher: Lindsay Nesheim

Gordon 4th

Welcome! Here is information that may be helpful for your grade 4 year in Mrs. Gordon's class. I look forward to an exciting year of learning in grade 4 with you. Please let me know if you have questions or comments. 
  • Teacher: EILEEN GORDON

Ms. McCubbin's Super Cool 5th Grade

Welcome to 5th grade at Mt. Pilchuck Elementary! "If I gave you all the answers, you would have nothing left to explore!"
  • Teacher: Carla McCubbin

Nancy Poremba 5th

  • Teacher: NANCY POREMBA

Nicole Guzley/3rd

  • Teacher: NICOLE GUZLEY

Ms Rock 3rd graders

  • Teacher: RUTH ROCK

Mrs. McWatters' 4/5 Split Classroom


Kendall Tribal Kids

Kendall Tribal Kids are students that are unique and talented learners.  They care about each other, believe in one another and learn from one another.  Kendall Tribal Kids welcome in diversity and care about the world outside of themselves, home, and community.  As students in room …

Holland's Pond 20

Welcome to third grade grade at Mt. Pilchuck Elementary.  
  • Teacher: LISA HOLLAND

Colvin 4th Grade Math

  • Teacher: Marianne Colvin