Available courses

Global Competency: Bring the World to Your Classroom

Google Earth Lit Trips on Chromebooks

  • Teacher: Phil Biggs

Adobe Spark in the Classroom

Creating Collaborative Magazines with Flipboard

ThingLink in the Classroom

Digital Annotation with Kami

Digital Maps in the Classroom

  • Teacher: Chad Brandt

Engagement Strategies

Engaging Presentations With Powtoon

Engaging Students with Video Using EdPuzzle

Google Keep in the Classroom

Grammar Strategy: Mentor Sentences

HSTRY: Create Multimedia Timelines

  • Teacher: Phil Biggs

Strategy: Interactive Journals and Anchor Charts

Strategy: Mentor Sentences

Student Created Storybooks with Google Slides

  • Teacher: Phil Biggs

Teaching Math with Google Drawings

  • Teacher: Phil Biggs

The 4 Keys to Engagement

Twitter for Educators

WeVideo: Getting Started