Available courses

Learning Walk: Questioning and Discussion Techniques

Use this module to earn clock hours when going on a learning walk to explore questioning and discussion techniques.

Reading with a Questioning Stance in a Science Classroom

Learn about and apply the Three Big Questions that will drive students to read science texts with purpose and a meaning-making stance.

Academic Discourse

What systems encourage students to have academic conversations and how do those conversations impact learning?

Collaborative Conversations

Explore the importance of collaborative conversations in enhancing learning.

How do I Write Text-Dependent Questions? (Elem)

In the era without stem questions, learn where you can start when writing your own questions that push students back into the text to closely read.

Questioning in Action

Explore ways different instructors engage and empower students through the questions they ask. 

Student Ownership of Questions

How do we teach students to generate their own higher level questions, specifically about texts they read? 

Types of Questions to Encourage Critical Thinking

Explore the types of questions that engage students and encourage student-to-student discourse.

Visual Literacy: Visual Thinking Strategy

Would you like to help students engage with images around them (whether artwork, political cartoons or illustrations) while also having a productive conversation? Explore the Visual Thinking Strategy.

What should we be asking students?

Explore the concept of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and how it relates to the questions we need to be asking our students to prepare them for the level of rigor expected.

How do I Write Text Dependent Questions (Secondary)

Use the standards to write questions that help students dig deep into a complex text.