Available courses

NGSS Overview

This module will bring an understanding of the high points of critical learning for LSSD science teachers in shifting practice to address Next Generation Science Standards.  The activities included here are highlights of the experiences that secondary science teachers had in building a foundat…

Developing Early Mathematicians: Counting and Cardinality

Teachers will explore the Learning Pathways in Numeracy in the area of counting and cardinality to better understand early math development.  

Introduction to Nonfiction Challenges (Science Reading)

Explore the concepts in the introduction section of the book, Reading Nonfiction: Notice and Note and apply them to your science classroom.

NGSS: Focus on Engineering

Gain an understanding of why engineering has been included in the NGSS and what core ideas point to engineering specifically.

Framework Chapter 3: Science and Engineering Practices

Become familiar with the 8 Science and Engineering Standards within NGSS.

Written Responses to Reading

Learn about different types of text dependent tasks students can do post-reading, inlcuding writing responses that utilize evidence.

Framework Chapter 1: Introduction to NGSS

Build an understanding of the vision behind the Next Generation Science Standards by collaboratively exploring key parts of the Framework.

What are My Grade Level Grammar Expectations?

What is expected in your grade level band?  Learn about grade level expectations so you are prepared to teach these grammatical concepts to your students.

Speaking and Listening Vertical Standards

Unpack the critical speaking and listening Common Core Standards to discover what your grade band expects and how it builds on previous expectations.

What is Close Reading?

Use multiple sources to help define this hot term.

What do the Grammar Standards Say?

Examine the language standards.  What is expected in your grade level?  What are you building on?

Where is audio/video in the Standards?

Examine the intent of the standards for learning through multimedia to narrow your focus when thinking about what tools you may want to try for which purpose.

What is Close Reading?

Use multiple resources to define this "hot" term.