Available courses

Teaching Effective Use of Dialogue

A key narrative technique is using dialogue.  Explore how to encourage effective use of dialogue to move the story along and avoid the he said, she said trap!

Teaching Narrative Craft

Learn about different craft elements that authors use and different strategies for incorporating these craft moves into students' narrative pieces.

Teaching Theme

Wondering how to teach students to infer theme from a literary text?  Check out this module for ideas on how to teach this Common Core Standard (RL.4.2).

Unleashing the Power of Google Search

Take your searching skills to the next level so you can show your students how to make the most of Google's powerful search engine.

Vocabulary in Context

We can't possibly directly teach kids all the vocabulary they need to know.  For students to growth their academic vocabulary, it is important for them to use context clues as clues to figuring out unknown words.

What does Close Reading Look Like in Action? (Elem)

Examine videos for "teaching moves" during close reading lessons.

What does research say about effective grammar instruction?

 How did we come up with our Lake Stevens' Grammar Beliefs chart?  Read some of the research that is behind this thinking.